Li Chinese Restaurant

Fuji Grand Hotel Chinese Restaurant -LI Chinese Restaurant is led by senior Hong Kong chef Wu Jianpeng. Chef Wu Jianpeng, who has a wealth of cooking experience, has been in the kitchen as an apprentice since he was 14 years old. Before being employed at Fuji Grand Hotel, he worked in well-known domestic hotels such as Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, and other famous hotels. Under the strict requirements of his self, his cooking skills have accumulated and continuously improved. Chef Wu Jianpeng is particularly good at using traditional Cantonese cuisine as the foundation, skillfully combining ingredients of western food, and also adding fresh local and seasonal ingredients from Taiwan to jointly interpret a unique new style of Cantonese cuisine. Diners can not only taste the charming and timeless taste of classic old Cantonese cuisine, but also enjoy the fusion of local flavors of Taiwan, and even the new style of cuisine that combines the trend of western cuisine. One after another, the signature restaurant delicacies that are full of praise from gourmets can be found in LI Chinese Restaurant.